About Us

OnBalance Technologies was formed to solve real world problems with innovative technology solutions enabling us to empower people and create new market value. The company was founded on the principle that providing raw information is often not that useful. Instead helping people make their lives easier comes from translating all that information into straightforward, relevant recommendations and simplified information.

Put simply, our technology makes small and medium sized buildings smarter. We do all of this by collecting information from many different sources, analyzing it using the latest in machine learning and big data technologies and presenting the information back in a convenient format such as a message, email or a phone call. We even do reports if you really are looking for more information. This way, people no longer have to go wading into all that energy information to be kept aware, they can wait for the information to come to them.

At the same time, all the information we gather and analyze can be put to good use for your home and business automation goals. No longer do you need sensors everywhere to understand what is happening in your home or business building. Our technology learns the “pulse” of your building and can even provide “recommendations” to other technology in your building to make your life easier.

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