If you have been interested in Smart Building solutions but were looking for something other than the standard security packages that exist in the market, you may be interested in the OnBalance Smart Building solution. Our solution does something different than providing home security or remote control of your thermostat and lights.

As the video explains, our solution watches your activity in the home so that it can:

– Warn you of hazards like the stove being left on
– Remind you to lock the door before bed or tell a wireless lock to lock itself
– Let you know that you forgot to close the garage door
– Tell you that your freezer, furnace or air conditions is failing before it happens
– Let you know when its time to change the furnace filter
– Help you reduce your energy bills
– Let you know that your kids are watching TV when they should not be
– Or even let you know that an elderly relative in another home was up during the night

If you would like to find out about the future of smart buildings, please contact us.

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